PC Protection


Computer Help Memberships

All Paid Memberships Include

Free Standard Installation

Your professional computer technician installs your new protection and ensures your computer is clean as part of your new membership.

Windows Health Monitor

The best problems are those that never happen. We keep your Windows and computer healthy with unobtrusive health monitoring and maintenance.


Continuous Threat Protection

Our managed Webroot Secure Anywhere service keeps you safe 24/7. Always up to date and super fast.

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Can I Change My Membership?

Yes! laughing You are in full control over your membership level. You can upgrade or downgrade your membership at any time by visiting your Account page. 

Can You See What I'm Doing On My Computer?

No Absolutely Not!

We can not see your computer or what you are doing on your computer unless we are actually remoted into your computer and that requires your permission.

Can I Transfer My Membership to a New Computer?

Yes you can. If you get a new computer and want to change your membership to the new computer all you need to do is open a Computer Help Ticket

I Can't Get My Internet To Work How Do I Get Help?

If your computer already has the health monitor installed it may be possible we can fix your computer remotely. If your Internet is down and you can’t connect you can call or text us and we can help determine what the issue might be to help you restore Internet access.

I'd Like To Give a Membership as a Gift?

Not a problem at all. Purchase a membership level and give us the details on the Computer Help Ticket that is created and we’ll help any way we can to make it an awesome gift

Do I Have To Log In To Here Everytime I Need Help?

No you can request help or use the contact details right from your computer.  Click on the Support Over Web icon which is usually located in your hidden icon area and choose to either “Request Help” and we will be notified through our dashboard. Or get contact details by clicking on About Support Over Web.