New Home Techwizard Solutions and PC Helper 123Support Over Web U.S. is now live and available for everyone to be able to afford their own personal IT Department. No matter what the problem you now have your own PC Helper to get you through it. Best of all your PC Helper does everything possible to help make sure you don’t have problems in the first place. After all, the best problem is the problem that never happens.

Support Over Web U.S. is the new home for and The main difference you will notice is when you go to either of these websites it will bring you here to This change does not affect your current Computer Help Services. You will still be receiving the excellent protection and computer help services you are used to.

Our #1 goal is your continued computer happiness and health. These new changes are helping us achieve that goal even better. As always your input means a lot to help guide us in the right direction. Please Contact Us with any suggestions, questions or concerns you may have.

What This Change Means To You?

You will now have a central location to request computer help whether you are an individual or a business. The new ticketing system we call at gives you an additional way of requesting help and an ongoing record for any services performed. Just click on “Computer Help” from the top menu and you can

  1. Create New Computer Help Tickets
  2. Search Existing Computer Help Tickets
  3. Search Previous Computer Help Tickets

You now have a new Account area available. Clicking on the “Account” selection from the top menu will allow you to:

  1. Add or Change your first and last name
  2. Change your contact email address
  3. Review your invoice and invoice history that have been processed through the new system

We now have a new contact phone number! We have listened to those that have wanted to use texting as their main contact method. Our (229) 389-4411 is still an active voice number and will be answered as before. For those that want a phone number that allows voice and texting our new number is (229) 231-1728

New Options and Services Coming Soon!

The great news is that there are even more options and service improvements on their way. Soon you will be able to purchase Computer hardware and software straight from at awesome prices! Please bear with us while we implement all of these new and awesome features.